Xiao Qing-yang and Daughter Won Design Award at Grammys 蕭青陽父女淡蘭古道三部曲 奪葛萊美獎

Taiwanese designer Xiao Qing-yang and his daughter Hsiao Chun-tien attended the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards and accepted the award for best recording package for "Beginningless Beginning" by the Tamsui-Kavalan Chinese Orchestra.

Xiao Qing-yang, Best Recording Package Winner, 65th Grammys: “Thank you, mom. Hope she can recover soon. Thank you dad and thank you, my wife. She stayed up late with me yesterday. Today, we will have a good sleep. Thank you, my ancestors and all the staff members for the short film of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trails Trilogy.”

Hsiao Chun-tien, Best Recording Package Winner, 65th Grammys: “He is my dad and we finally made it. Thank you, Grammys. I love you all.”

This was the seventh time Xiao has been nominated for the Grammys in the past 18 years, and a first with his daughter. Last year in 2022, Taiwanese designers Li Cheng-han and Yu Wei won in the same Grammys' category for their work on the album "Pakelang" produced by the 2nd Generation Falangao Singing Group and The Chairman Crossover Big Band. 







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