Chiang Wan-an Holds First Meeting as Mayor 柯規蔣隨 北市長蔣萬安維持七點半晨會

Chiang Wan-an is keeping the Taipei City Government's early-morning meetings. The practice was established by his predecessor, Ko Wen-je. When asked about the practice continued by Chiang, Ko responded that's great. Ko, meanwhile, returned to his job at National Taiwan University Hospital on his first day out of office.

Chiang Wan-an, Taipei City Mayor: “Good morning, everyone. I am Mayor Chiang Wan-an. I look forward to working with all of you. As a team, we will create a new Taipei.”

Taipei City Mayor Chiang Wan-an is keeping his predecessor Ko Wen-je's practice of early morning meetings alive. Topics that were discussed during Chiang's first morning meeting included the New Year's Eve countdown and Taiwan Lantern Festival. Chiang's team will meet every morning this week before shifting to a flexible meeting schedule. Several members of Chiang's mini-Cabinet have not assumed their posts yet. Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua, for example, won't be joining the city government team until February. The pan-green camp is using this as an attack point, to which Chiang has responded.

Chiang Wan-an, Taipei City Mayor: “The members of our mini-Cabinet are truly the cream of the crop in their fields, so we have to respect their organizations' arrangements and processes. As a team, we will be proving our worth through performance.”

Reporter: “When you were mayor, your team met at 7:30 a.m. every morning. Chiang (Wan-an) plans to continue this practice. His team met at 7:30 this morning. ”

Ko Wen-je, Former Taipei City Mayor: “That's great.”

Only out of office for a day, Ko returned to National Taiwan University Hospital on the 26th to resume his medical practice. Former Taipei City Social Welfare Commissioner Hsu Li-min, one of his former students, was waiting in front of the hospital to welcome Ko back.









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