CECC Responds to Calls for Mini-three Links: Stop Being Selfish 小三通不開放中轉 王必勝:不能只考慮自己

Many are unhappy the Mini-three Links will not be open to the general public during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. CECC Commander Victor Wang says people should not only think of themselves and need to think about local safety.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, residents of Kinmen and Matsu and spouses that are PRC nationals will be able to use the Mini-three Links. Many are protesting the government's decision not to allow everyone to use the links. The head of the Central Epidemic Command Center, Victor Wang, says people can't be selfish and only think about themselves.

Victor Wang, Commander, Central Epidemic Command Center: “When you transfer in Kinmen and Mazu, that's someone else's territory. You have to think about local safety considerations. You can't only think about yourself. We are all Taiwanese, whether you're a businessperson. Even Kinmen (residents) are Taiwanese. We have to think about others.”

Wang further said the government has discussed medical capacity with local hospitals and clinics. Wang also shot down calls from experts to send vaccines to China for ROC citizens so that they can get vaccinated before returning to Taiwan, saying vaccines don't have EUAs in China and China wouldn't allow the arrangement anyway. Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chiu Tai-san, meanwhile, said there were plans in place for chartered ferries for the Tomb Sweeping Festival and Dragon Boat Festival this year, but they had to be canceled due to China's lack of COVID transparency.

Chiu Tai-san, Mainland Affairs Council Minister: “There were always plans in place that we were beginning to work on for this Tomb Sweeping Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. There can be chartered ferries for this kind of holiday. Due to the lockdown in Shanghai and other lockdown-type situations in Zhengzhou and other places, everyone had extremely grave concerns. Our decision was actually the decision of local people.”

Chiu also said there are ways for Taiwanese businesspersons and students in China to return to Taiwan like flights, even if they are more expensive.









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