Kao Hung-an Announces Director Appointments 高虹安小內閣 副手蔡麗清.張治祥出任秘書長

Hsinchu City Mayor-elect Kao Hung-an announced several of her mini-Cabinet appointments on Dec. 19, including Taiwan High Court Prosecutor Tsai Li-ching as deputy mayor and Taipei City Land Administration Commissioner Chang Chih-hsiang as secretary-general.

Kao Hung-an, Hsinchu City Mayor-elect: “We've put together a team of directors, vice mayors and secretary-generals that is really the cream of the crop. We are working really hard to ensure a smooth transition with dealing with media, judicial, and investigative (matters). This will be a very busy month.”

Kao Hung-an says she has high respect for Tsai Li-ching's legal and public sector experience. Zhong Zheng Junior High School Principal Tung Feng-chiao will serve as education director, while Taichung City Land Administration Bureau senior specialist Ho Hsien-chi will serve as her land administration director. Hsinchu City Mayor Hsu Ming-tsai's former confidential secretary, Yen Yi-chi, will serve as civil affairs director. Kao says she is approaching these appointments with a "debug" mindset. Asked about her ongoing court cases, Kao said dealing with legal matters is more taxing than campaigning.






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