Taipei City Bans Single Use Plastic Cups 今起禁一次性塑膠杯 北市飲料店改供紙杯

Taipei City's Department of Environmental Protection have taken a step further to reduce plastic cup usage throughout the city.  

This chain beverage shop in Taipei will no longer provide plastic cups starting Dec. 1.

Hygiene Inspector, Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei: “This store meets our policy of only providing reusable or paper cups. This complies with our regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Taipei's Department of Environmental Protection is actively banning plastic and single-use beverage cups, including PLA cups that claim to be more environmentally friendly and decomposable. Even if some shops still have plastic cups in stock, they will no longer be able to use it in accordance with the policy. Now, only paper cups can be used to serve beverages, some of which are quite colorful.

Mr. Pai, Consumer: “You won't be able to see colored drinks anymore. In fact, it doesn't matter. The important thing is the taste, not the look.”

Taipei is the first city to ban disposable plastic cups in Taiwan. The city's Environmental Protection Department invested a lot of effort in communicating with the stores, and finally won their approval. More than 90 percent of the stores have finished stocking up on paper cups to comply with the policy.

Lin Yu-hui, Dir., Resource Recycling Mgmt. Div., Dept. of Envr. Protection, Taipei: “So we set a buffer period of six months to promote the new policy store by store. So it took a lot of time to communicate? Yes. Basically, we did at least three rounds of promotions.”

The EPA is happy to see the results of Taipei taking the lead in expanding plastic reduction. The EPA stated that it plans to expand to the rest of the cities, but in order to reduce the impact, a buffer time is needed. It plans to spend two years of promoting the policy. The EPA's preliminary assessment is to first implement the policy for nationwide chain operators by the end of 2024.










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