Female Consumer Disputes Night Market Gaming Fee 台南民眾夜市射氣球被索價5200 市府稽查

P. Hsu
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A few days ago, a person posted on Facebook, saying that she was asked to pay NT$5,200 for shooting balloons at a dart throwing booth in Tainan's Huayuan Night Market. In this regard, the Tainan City Government officials, along with consumer protection officers, inspected the night market on the evening of the 24th. 

A woman was shooting darts at a balloon shooting stand in the Huayuan Night Market, but she was asked to pay NT$5,200 by the owner afterward. After bargaining, she paid NT$2,600. However, she posted the incident on Facebook, questioning the fact that the stall owner did not explain clearly and felt deceived. On the evening of the 24th, the Tainan City Economic Development Bureau, together with consumer protection officers and the Market Administration Office, took action by inspecting night market stalls to ensure the rights and interests of consumers. 

Tainan City officials believe that although the operator has signs put out, they are not very clear and can easily mislead consumers. Officials said the rules of the game must be made clear to consumers. The stall operator said they will make improvements. Going forward, the night market management committee will ensure and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.

Chen Hao-chi, Tainan City Market Administration Office: “The signs were clearly not labeled by the operator. For example, the operator only writes 1 round for NT$100 and NT$200. It wasn't clearly stated that it was NT$200 per game and how many darts were given. Even the prizes are not clearly marked according to the number of points. We have asked the operator to improve immediately.”

Feng Chi-wen, Chief Consumer Protection Officer, Tainan City: “In the event of a consumer dispute, we suggest the consumer file a complaint with the consumer protection officer. We also appeal to night market stall operators that self-discipline is necessary to jointly maintain the night market's quality. ”

Government officials emphasized that if consumers find any violation of the Consumer Protection Act or other legal suspicions, report the incident to the night market's management committee immediately. The city government will then deal with it impartially in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If operators refuse to comply with repeated improvement requests, they can be fined up to NT$1.5 million in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and be refused booth rental. Tainan City's Consumer Protection Committee asks the public to pay attention to the labels when consuming. In the event of consumer disputes, they recommend reporting the incident to the Consumer Protection Committee to protect their own rights.