G20 Summit Ends With Joint Statement G20落幕聯合聲明 譴責侵烏促俄無條件撤軍

The G20 Heads of State and Government Summit ended on Nov. 16, with the leaders issuing a joint statement condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine and demanding Russia's unconditional withdrawal. On the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping confronted Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was seen speaking with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the G20 Summit. Xi appeared to be displeased with Trudeau.

Xi Jinping, Chinese President: “And that was not how the conversation was conducted. If there was sincerity on your part, then we shall conduct our discussion with an attitude of mutual respect, otherwise there might be unpredictable consequences.”

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister: “In Canada we believe in free and open and frank dialogue and that is what we will continue to have, we will continue to look to work constructively together but there will be things we will disagree on.”

Xi Jinping, Chinese President: “Let's create the conditions first. Let's create the conditions first.”

Xi appeared to be displeased by the Canadian media leaking his conservation with Trudeau during a closed-door meeting, during which Trudeau brought up concerns about alleged espionage and Chinese interference in Canadian elections. Xi used the G20 Summit to herald his return to the international stage. He met with nine leaders during the two-day summit, including U.S. President Joe Biden, showing that many leaders are interested in understanding his thoughts and China's future direction. Meanwhile, a meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak scheduled for Nov. 16 was canceled at the last minute. China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has no related information to share.

Mao Ning, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: “What I would like to emphasize is that China is committed to working with the UK to promote the healthy and stable development of China-UK relations on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit. We hope the UK will work with China.”

The office of the British prime minister issued a statement saying Sunak would like to construct a frank and constructive UK-China relationship but the challenges posed by China are systemic and long-term. The statement also mentioned China's authoritarian leaders and attempts to reshape the international order. The G20 Summit ended on Nov. 16, with leaders issuing a 17-page joint statement that denounced Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Although China, India, South Africa, and others had differing viewpoints, the majority of member countries strongly denounced Russia and imposed sanctions. They demanded the unconditional withdrawal of Russia. There was no group photo as the summit concluded, as many leaders did not want to be photographed with Russia's representative, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.










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