Most Victims in Seoul Stampede Were Young Women 南韓梨泰院踩踏意外 罹難者年輕女性居多

The majority of people who died in the Seoul stampede were young women. Doctors say this is due to differences in respiratory function between men and women, as most women take shallower breaths. In addition, women are physically smaller and weaker than men and therefore more likely to suffer more serious injuries.

Panic and pain flood the eyes of this French streamer and female pedestrian as they are swept under the crowd. The majority of victims in the Seoul stampede were young women. Doctors say this is due to most women taking shallower breaths.

Vincent Su, Doctor, Taipei City Hospital Yangming Branch: “When you take shallow breaths, your lung cavity moves upward. If your lung cavity doesn't have the space to expand when you're in a crowd, it will be very difficult for you to take a breath or breathe.”

Doctors say women and men have physiologically different lung cavities which lead to differences in the way women and men breathe. The mouths and nasal cavities of shorter people are lower, making them less resistant to pressure. In particular, the kind of excessive pressure and crowding that was seen in the stampede -- nine people per square meter -- leads to compressive asphyxia and an oxygen shortage within four to five minutes. While it may be instinctive to protect one's chest in these circumstances, doctors say this is the wrong move.

Vincent Su, Doctor, Taipei City Hospital Yangming Branch: “I recommend putting your hands in front of your chest to create breathing room for your lungs. Of course, some people say don't stand against a wall because you have nowhere to go and a crowd will absorb the compressive pressure. You may also get injured if you're pushed against a wall.”

The stampede occurred in a narrow alley just 4 meters wide when the number of people filling the alley was 10 times the norm. Anyone that fell was in immediate danger. Doctors say crowds should be avoided and everyone should learn CPR to help save lives.





男女先天生理胸腔大小差異,呼吸方式不同、身高矮小口鼻頭部位置相對較低 、力量不足難反抗,都是女性傷亡較為嚴重的可能。尤其在這類過度擁擠的場合,每平方公尺站9個人,就會出現壓迫性窒息的狀況,4到5分鐘時間就會發生缺氧情形。醫師建議當下要做好護胸動作,讓胸腔保持可以呼吸的空間。



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