Yilan County Magistrate Lin Zi-miao Taking Leave 林姿妙請假拚選戰 綠批「落跑縣長」躲避監督

Yilan County Magistrate Lin Zi-miao announced that she would ask for leave from now until election day, which was questioned by the DPP councilors while Yilan County Council is currently in plenary interpellation sessions.

Yilan County Magistrate Lin Zi-miao announced on the 3rd that she would ask for leave from now until election day, but plenary interpellation sessions at the council will start on the 13th. DPP Yilan caucus questioned whether Lin was basically trying to avoid supervision by assigning the deputy magistrate to take her place at the sessions. They accuse Lin of fearing questioning and scrutiny from councilors and the county's residents, and called her a "runaway magistrate." 

Chiang Tsung-yuan, Yilan County Magistrate Candidate (DPP): “I can enter the representative meeting at any time to accept questions. Will she do the same whenever the Yilan County Council request Lin to return to the council for inquiries?”

Chiang Tsung-yuan, DPP Yilan County Magistrate candidate as well as Yilan Mayor has asked for leave since August. He said if there is a need for him to explain in person at the city office, he will cancel his leave. He questioned Lin's motives for asking for leave while the county council is in session. He appealed to Lin to follow suit, and go to the county council for inquiries if there was a need.

Lin Zi-miao, Magistrate, Yilan County: “I respect him. His idea is his own. I will still use this time off to drive our county government's outreach activities.”

Although Lin asked for leave, she still attended the indigenous Lanyang entrepreneurship competition held by the County Government on the 4th. Faced with controversy, she said that the DPP should apply the same standards to its candidates. During her leave, she will still promote the County Government's work. As for whether Lin will enter the council for inquiry, she said she follows the regulations.








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