4 Level Cross Gates Broken for 5 Days 4處號誌故障 連假前台鐵西幹線大誤點

Residents of Changhua's Dacun Township are definitely not feeling holiday cheer. Four level cross gates have been broken for five days, leading to chaos and delays.

The warning light on the level crossing blinks continuously as the gate goes up and down without warning. Some risk driving across anyway, while others turn around and go back the way they came. Four level crossing gates in Dacun Township have been broken for five days.

Ms. Liang, Citizen: “All the commuters were complaining that they were going to lose their punctuality bonuses.”

You Sheng, Dacun Township Chief: “This was the worst transportation breakdown in history. It lasted for five days. The head of Taiwan Railways and the head of the Chiayi section should both resign.”

The township chief says Taiwan Railways sent repair workers but not anyone to direct traffic, leading to transportation chaos. He is calling on the officials responsible to step down. Changhua Train Station has been hit with its own signal malfunctions, with northbound trains being delayed 15-96 minutes and southbound trains 15-50 minutes. Travelers, meanwhile, complained about the disruption to their Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

Traveler: “I didn't have time to notify my family. I'm old and climbing stairs is hard for me.”

Liu Li-wei, Taiwan Railways Response Team: “As of the end of the day yesterday, 127 trains were affected with a total delay of 7,186 minutes. Repairs are ongoing. We expect to get done around 12.”

Taiwan Railways says the issue was caused by interference with an axle counter and cables have been replaced. As of the end of day on the 8th, 127 trains and 39,300 passengers were affected with a total delay of 7,186 minutes.










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