Woman Plays Cambodia SOS Joke 冰店見「柬埔寨SOS」報警 竟是玩笑.女被送辦

Fraud is rampant in Cambodia. However, some people jokingly wrote the words SOS and Cambodia on toilet paper with a red pen. The police immediately stopped and checked the vehicle and brought the five women and one man back for questioning. They discovered it was a joke among friends. 

The words Cambodia and SOS were written in red pen on the paper napkin. The handwriting was scribbled and there were typos. It looked like a note for help. The incident happened at an ice shop in Nantou's Puli on Aug. 18. The store owner found the note and quickly called the police.

Ice Shop Owner: “When I saw it, we were worried because they are all girls. We were worried because of the recent problems in Cambodia. That's why we called the police.”

The police did not dare to be careless after receiving the report. They checked CCTVs to monitor a rental vehicle and notified the online police network for support. Finally, the vehicle was found and stopped. The five women and one man were in the car. They visited Puli from Kaohsiung. One of the women surnamed Li joked with the man who was traveling with her and left a note for help. The joke unexpectedly became too big.

Tu Jui-yen, Deputy Chief, Puli Precinct: “At 8 p.m., the 6 people were found on Xining Road and were immediately brought back for questioning. It was clarified that the 25-year-old woman surnamed Li wrote the notes as a joke after discussing current affairs. We will investigate her in accordance with the Social Order Maintenance Act.”

The police confirmed that no one was injured. Since human trafficking is a major and sensitive public security issue, such a joke not only wastes the police's resources but also causes panic among the people. The woman surnamed Li will be charged on suspicion of violating the Social Order Maintenance Act.









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