Prison Warden Awaits Investigation 外役監典獄長杜聰典 調離現職靜候調查

The Mingde Minimum-Security Prison warden Tu Tsung-tien has been transferred from his current post after two police offers were murdered by one of its inmates. 

The Tainan police murder case has aroused outside attention that the minimum-security prison system is too loose. The family members of the deceased police officers criticized the Mingde Minimum-Security Prison for dereliction of duty. Minister of Justice Tsai Ching-hsiang personally stated on the 26th that he instructed the Corrections Agency to investigate and transfer prison warden Tu Tsung-tien from his current post. As for the issue of no immediate arrest of the escapee, he ordered the High Prosecutors Office to investigate the reason for the Tainan District Prosecutors Office's delay and attribution of responsibility.

Tsai Ching-hsiang, Minister of Justice: “Mingde Minimum-Security Prison's warden has been transferred from his current post and awaits investigation. The Tainan District Prosecutors Office has issued a review detailing the reasons for the delayed issue of the arrest.”

Tsai said that his ministry will increase its supervision of minimum-security prisoners returning home to visit relatives through video tracking. If a prisoner escapes, the MOJ will immediately notify the police to assist in the search. Prisons need to report to prosecutors within two hours of the escape to issue a wanted search.

Tsai Ching-hsiang, Minister of Justice: “Within two hours, you must report to prosecutors to issue a wanted arrest.”

The MOJ has invited experts and scholars to study regulation amendments on minimum-security prisons. The current direction includes raising the selection threshold, strengthening the assessment of inmates, clarifying selection conditions, and excluding major violent crimes. However, the MOJ has not clearly defined violent crimes yet.

Tseng Ming-chung, KMT Legislative Caucus Whip: “I'm in favor of being stricter in general. In the past, prisoner escapes of seven days weren't reported and no wanted arrest was issued. I'm afraid the MOJ will have to study further whether two hours is feasible.”

Liu Shyh-fang, Legislator (DPP): “Minimum-security prison regulations are being reviewed. We want to do a better job of execution to make people outside feel more at ease.”

The KMT believes that the time for issuing the wanted notice can be shortened. It also criticizes minimum-security prison regulations that allow repeat offenders to apply for minimum-security prisons. It calls on the ruling and opposition parties to revise the law. Legislator Liu Shyh-fang pointed out that the Tainan police murder case highlights that there are indeed deficiencies in law enforcement units, which need to be reviewed. As for the minimum-security prison system, the DPP will conduct a comprehensive review in the next legislative session.












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