NPA Encouraging Legal Use of Firearms 鼓勵合法用槍 警對空鳴槍不用寫報告

The issue of the safety of police equipment has come under scrutiny after two on-duty police officers were killed in Tainan on Aug. 22. The National Police Agency says it will encourage police officers to properly and legally use their firearms. In the future, no written reports will need to be submitted for shots fired as warnings. 

Lin Shun-chia, Deputy Director-General, National Police Agency: “From now on, on-duty police officers that use their firearms to fire warning shots into the air and do not cause any casualties or damage will simply have to report to their superior and record this in their worklog, and will no longer have to submit written reports. In other words, police officers will not need to write reports in the future.”

The NPA also said police officers involved in litigation as a result of doing their work and with insufficient funds can apply to the NPA for subsidies, and their applications will be reviewed by the "Litigation Aid for Performing Duties Review Committee." As for police equipment, the NPA said under an Executive Yuan-approved program to improve the safety of on-duty police officers, 57,194 steel (iron) expandable batons were replaced starting in 2020 and 4,529 taser devices were purchased. The NPA will also review manpower requirements and dispatch police officers accordingly.