Control Yuan Issues Verdict on 「3+11」 監院查3+11案 「有所本但未詳加說明」

The Control Yuan has announced the results of its investigation into the "3+11" quarantine plan for flight crews. 

The "3+11" quarantine policy for flight crews has become a point of contention between Taipei City's mayoral candidates. On Aug. 22, the Control Yuan issued a report on its investigation into the policy. It said although the Central Epidemic Command Center had "some basis" to change the plan from "5+9" to "3+11," it failed to explain it in detail to the public and should review it and make improvements. Many believe the Control Yuan was too easy on the CECC.

Chiang Wan-an, KMT Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “The Control Yuan is essentially sacrificing its own status and credibility by taking this decision. The entire control system has crumbled. This is a crisis of democracy.”

Kuomintang Taipei City mayoral candidate Chiang Wan-an criticized the Control Yuan's decision as a crisis of democracy. Meanwhile, Democratic Progressive Party candidate Chen Shih-chung attacked Chiang, saying the election has made him insane.

Chen Shih-chung, DPP Taipei City Mayoral Candidate: “I think the election has made him insane. The Control Yuan is one of our country's five branches of government. The essence of what it's saying is correct, that there should be a certain set procedure. However, it thinks it would be better if the procedure can be recorded more clearly and explained more clearly to the public. I think the Ministry of Health and Welfare will do that in the future.”

The government previously decided to seal all information related to COVID-19 vaccine procurement for 30 years. Chiang said he served as the convener of the legislature's vaccine procurement review group. At that time, the DPP used its majority to obstruct the operations of the group and then made sure documents were redacted. Chen responded that it's the convener's dereliction of duty if he feels there were insufficient documents but didn't mention it. He also said Chiang hasn't resigned as a legislator, so he still has access to the documents.









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