Lin Chih-chien Withdrawn from Mayoral Race 論文風暴愈演愈烈 林智堅退選桃園市長

S. Tu
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DPP Taoyuan City mayoral election candidate Lin Chih-chien announced he would withdraw from the race after having been engulfed in a thesis plagiarism controversy for over a month. 

Lin Chih-chien, Former Hsinchu Mayor: “I withdrew from the Taoyuan mayoral election and chose another battlefield to defend my innocence. I sincerely hope that the election can go back on the right track.”

At the press conference, Lin apologized for causing public chaos while asserting that he would continue to defend his innocence and integrity. Meanwhile, Lin thanked president Tsai, DPP's campaign committee, and current Taoyuan mayor Cheng Wen-tsan for being understanding of his decision. He also thanked his supporters and apologized for the disappointment his decision might have created. It was also announced that lawmaker Cheng Yun-peng will replace Lin as DPP's Taoyuan mayoral candidate.