CPAT Files Group Claims Against Taipower 303停電 消保團體助高市民眾告台電求償

The Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan has cooperated with the Kaohsiung City to help its residents to claim compensation regarding the March 3 power outage. 

The traffic lights were completely out. Service on Kaohsiung MRT and light rail were both temporarily suspended. Elevators were damaged due to power outages. There was a power outage in Taiwan on March 3 this year, affecting 1.86 million households in Kaohsiung. The city government set up a single window to assist the public in seeking compensation, but there is still no consensus. The Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan cooperated with Kaohsiung City's consumer protection officer to help residents file a group claim against Taipower. Kaohsiung households that are registered for non-business electricity use can join the claim starting from Aug. 1 to the end of the month.

Hsu Bang-han, Executive Director, Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan: “Presenting evidence is basically very hard. So our principle in receiving cases is to encourage households to provide evidence if they have evidence.”

Yin Mao-chien, Consumer Protection Officer, Kaohsiung City Gov't: “Taipower has attended all the negotiations. But there is no consensus on compensation.”

CPAT stated that the March 3 power outage affected the entire country, but Taipower continued to have power outages afterwards. Although CPAT knows that this group lawsuit is not easy, especially providing proof, it still encourages the public to file claims to push Taipower on being more vigilant.

Tsai Ming-je, Lead Lawyer, Consumer Protection Association in Taiwan: “I think this may be on a case-by-case basis on how the court will decide. We still have to explain to the court. We will do our best to assist consumers in finding evidence under the premise of the law.”

Citizen: “It's their problem, so we should file for compensation. It was their fault and I think we should be compensated.”

Some people agreed with the group's claim, while others thought the procedure was too long and will not participate. Taipower said it had already provided discounts on electricity bills for the damage caused by the March 3 blackout. The company apologized again for the damage caused by the March 3 blackout and said it will make every effort to maintain a stable power supply in the future. 











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