450 Suspects Arrested and120 Firearms Seized Since July 11 7/11起第2波掃黑肅槍 逮450人查獲120支槍械

Taiwan's law and order has worsened recently. On July 11, the National Police Agency launched a second operation against organized crime. So far, 450 suspects have been arrested and 120 firearms have been seized. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung says various actions related to the year-end elections continue to be implemented.

The footage shows a person driving a black vehicle and shooting at the security camera. The person, surnamed Wang, is a member of the entourage of Chinese Unification Promotion Party Chairperson Chang An-lo. He intervened in a dispute between a friend and the friend's neighbor, and is being investigated for using threatening language.

Meanwhile, this footage shows a father and son belonging to the Thento Union forcing someone into a vehicle, supposedly because of a debt. The pair is also suspected of defrauding Taiwanese people. In recent times, Taiwan's law and order has worsened significantly. There have been shootings in numerous places, including Nantou and Taichung. On July 11, the National Police Agency launched a second operation against organized crime.

Lai Chun-yao, Dep. Commander, 2nd Investigation Corp, CIB: “The suspect surnamed Wang presented a business card with the title of president of a friendship association of a chairperson of a certain political party, and said he worked for this political party and Bamboo Union as an enforcer. ”

Over 8,000 police officers participated in the crackdown on organized crime. So far, they have arrested 450 suspects and confiscated 120 illegal firearms. Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung said there is zero tolerance for organized crime and the objective is to make sure these organizations cannot hide.

Hsu Kuo-yung, Interior Minister: “There will be a series of operations against bribery, violence, and election betting, including cracking down on fraud and seizing guns, to maintain law and order in Taiwan and ensure law and order before the election.”

The nine-in-one elections will take place at the end of November, so the police are aiming to crack down on bribery, violence, and election betting before then.








內政部長徐國勇表示:「相關的查賄制暴,查察選舉的賭盤等等相關的,包括打詐 肅槍,我們會有一系列的行動,來維護台灣的治安,確保在選前治安的平穩。」