Memorial Gathering for Glove Puppetry Master 黃文擇辭世 虎尾地標「素還真圓環」供追思

National treasure and glove puppetry master Vincent Huang passed away on June 12. The Huwei Township Office organized a memorial gathering at a local landmark to allow people to pay their respects through June 21.

The glove puppetry world is grieving the death of glove puppetry master Vincent Huang, who was known as the "Eight-Voice Wunderkind." Huang died on June 12 from illness at the age of 66. To give glove puppetry fans and residents the chance to pay their respects to Huang, the Huwei Township Office organized a memorial gathering at a local landmark dedicated to glove puppetry. Many people took the day off from work to pay their respects and lay flowers.  

Mourner: “I came all the way from Taichung. (Why did you make this trip?) Because Vincent Huang died and I wanted to commemorate him. I actually wanted to come a couple of days ago, but I didn't have the time.”

Mr. Lin, Mourner: “I was really saddened when I heard the news. I took the day off from work today to come to Huwei to be part of this memorial gathering.”

The township office said the landmark, a statue of glove puppetry character Su Huan-jen in the center of a traffic roundabout, was unveiled at the end of 2021. It is grateful to Pili Puppetry Studios for authorizing the use of Su's image. People can pay their respects to Huang through June 21. 

Ting Hsueh-chung, Mayor, Huwei Township: “We were shocked and saddened by Master Vincent Huang's passing. Many Pili and glove puppetry fans contacted us to see if we could set up a memorial site.”

The township office reminds those coming to pay their respects to pay attention to traffic while crossing the roundabout. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture will issue a certificate of commendation to thank Huang for dedicating his life to the development of glove puppetry, as well as passing it on to future generations and promoting it around the world.










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