Army Lieutenant Suspected of Sexually Assaulting Colleague 陸軍中尉性侵女同袍未果 被查出毒品

An army lieutenant was reported to have drugged a female comrade with the intent of sexually assaulting her in Taoyuan. Unidentified pills and amphetamines were also found at his residence.

It has been reported that an Army lieutenant officer surnamed Chiang asked a female colleague to go to a coffee shop for a date. He was suspected of drugging her and taking her back to his residence with the intention of sexually assaulting her. The woman resisted and fled. She reported the incident to the police.

Shih Shun-wen, Spokesperson, 6th Army: “The officer is suspected of this misconduct outside the base a few days ago. He was arrested by the police on the 28th. The prosecutors office is also investigating the case.”

The Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office commanded the Bade Police Precinct's investigation team on the 28th to search the lieutenant's office on base, dormitory, and private residence. They found unknown pills and amphetamines and detained Chiang. After the interrogation, the prosecutor filed an application with the local court to detain the officer based on the suspicion of attempted forced sex and drugs, the possibility of colluding and destroying evidence, and fleeing.

Shih Shun-wen, Spokesperson, 6th Army: “We will fully cooperate with the judiciary investigation. We will punish according to the regulations if it is determined that the law was in fact violated.”

The Army stated that it will fully cooperate with judicial investigations and will hand out punishment accordingly if the law was violated. The Army also said it will continue to strengthen its education to prevent similar incidents from happening again.