National Pingtung University to Hold Classes Online for a Week 逾百學生參加台灣祭 屏大4/4-10遠距教學

The final day of the Taiwan Music Festival was canceled after one attendee tested positive. National Pingtung University has also shut down the campus for disinfection after it found out that numerous students attended the event.

Over 120 National Pingtung University students attended the Taiwan Music Festival over the long weekend. The festival, organized by the Pingtung County Government, was held in Kenting. Some students have been ordered to perform self-health management, and the school has shut down the campus for disinfection. Classes will be held online from the 4th to the 10th.

Chen Yong-sen, Chief Secretary, National Pingtung University: “We have over 100 students that have to perform self-health management after attending various events. We have decided to take the extra precaution of holding all classes online this week.”

School officials say the decision has been approved by the Ministry of Education and only authorized personnel will be allowed onto campus for the time being. The county government has also expanded testing capacity, setting up six stations at Golden Hospital in northern Pingtung; Mawlong Orthopedic Hospital in Chaozhou; and Nan Men Hospital, Hengchun Tourism Hospital and Hengchun Township Health Bureau in Hengchun. It is also distributing home test kits. As of the 3rd, over 800 PCR tests and close to 4,000 rapid tests have come back negative.

Chang Hsiu-chun, Deputy Director, Public Health Bureau, Pingtung County: “We got negative PCR results back for 835 people in the Hengchun area yesterday. We also handed out 3,940 home test kits at the Taiwan Music Festival.”

The third and final day of the festival was canceled after attendees began testing positive. Local businesses are lamenting the loss of business, but the Kenting Night Market Management Committee says strict disease prevention guidelines must be followed and it will continue with contact tracing.







縣府則擴大篩檢量能,在屏北地區的國仁醫院、潮州茂隆骨科、恆春半島的南門醫院、恆春旅遊醫院、恆春鎮衛生等地共設6處篩檢站,同時發放家用快篩試劑,到3日為止,全縣PCR 800多人,快篩近4千人次,都是陰性。




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