Another Ten Confirmed COVID-19 Cases at Chulu, Taitung 今初鹿3快篩站逾3百人採檢 又10村民陽性

Ten more positive cases have been found at Chulu Village in Taitung. They are waiting to do PCR tests for further confirmation.  

The head of the Chulu Village in Taitung handed out numbers to the villagers for them to line up for the COVID-19 rapid tests. Nearly 200 people lined up before 9 a.m. Chulu Junior High School and Chulu Elementary School both announced a day of school off on the 28th for prevention's sake.  Staff and teachers completed disinfection processes at the school during the day. Many students went to get rapid testing. More than 300 people got tested by just 10:30 a.m. Ten residents tested positive and will further get PCR tests for confirmation. There are six confirmed COVID-19 cases so far in the village and everyone is worried.

Parent: “Parents worry too.”

Liao Tsung-he, Beinan Township Representative: “They have to get tested again for confirmation. We will try our best to appeal to authorities for further testings for our villagers.”

Yao Ching-ling, Taitung County Magistrate: “We quarantined 18 people yesterday and now another 12. So far we confirmed 6 positive cases and all those under quarantine currently are tested negative.”

Taitung Public Health Bureau is calling on all those who have visited Chulu Village on March 21 to go get rapid testing as soon as possible. The Chulu Ranch nearby has also requested over 70 employees to get rapid tests and the ranch conducted large scale disinfection.

Lin I-chang, Manager, Chulu Range: “We will make arrangements to separate visitors from our factory to keep our visiting area safe.”

The air is tense in Chulu Village. Some shops have closed temporarily on their own. People wonder whether the government would place a semi-lockdown on the village like what they did with the Fangliao Village in Pingtung last year. The Taitung County Government said further observation is required. 











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