Lin Ping-shu Charged with 8 Crimes 林秉樞涉高嘉瑜施暴案 8項罪嫌起訴

The New Taipei District Prosecutors Office concluded the Lin Ping-shu violence case against legislator Kao Chia-yu on Jan. 25. They charged Lin for 8 major crimes including injury and obstruction of freedom. The KMT also accused Lin of possible money laundering and other crimes.

Lin Ping-shu has been detained by the court on suspicion of assaulting legislator Kao Chia-yu. The two-month detention term is about to expire and the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office ended their investigation on the 25th. The prosecutors office charged Lin on eight counts including obstructing secrecy, unlawful private detention, coercion, obstructing computer use, harm, and intimidation. It asked the court to impose a heavier sentence.

Nieh Chung, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office: “The accused did not really reflect on his crimes after his arrest. We are petitioning the court to impose a heavier sentence.”

Prosecutors criticized Lin for disrespecting women during his relationship with Kao, capturing private images of her without consent. He even instructed two female assistants and a friend surnamed Cheng to assist in forging documents and intimidating Kao after the crime. However, prosecutors suspended prosecution on these three people.

Nieh Chung, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office: “Lin held private images of her (assistant). The assistant, under psychological pressure, obeyed his instructions. So our office thinks her crimes are a little bit lighter.”

Not only did he hurt Kao, but Lin's assets and capital flow have also raised doubts. The KMT even reported that Lin was involved in money laundering crimes, but prosecutors only brought charges on document forgery.

Li Yung-yu, Kao's Appointed Lawyer: “Currently, Legislator Kao has no plans to seek civil damages because it is to let Mr. Lin face legal sanctions. If Mr. Lin refuses to admit his crimes, then there should be a need for continued detention.”

Although Lin has been prosecuted, Kao's lawyer said that doubts as to whether Lin intended to distribute other women's private photos have not been clarified. During the investigation, evidence was provided to the prosecutor. However, the prosecutor did not deal with this evidence and gave no explanation.