Police Cracking Down on Betting Ahead of Election 中二選區補選投票在即 外界賭盤傳聞不斷

The Taichung City police is trying to crack down on election betting and arrested over 50 people working for a betting ring operating under a technology company banner on Jan. 5.

Police break down the door of this townhouse and find employees of a gambling ring inside. Police seized NT$9.6 million in cash from the scene. The ring reportedly took bets of over NT$1 billion in the past month. According to police, the sports betting ring was operating under the guise of a technology company, registered as a subsidiary of an offshore company, at six locations around Taiwan.

Lin Ming-tso, Captain, Taichung City Criminal Investigation Corps: “(Members) placed their bets on an app with a finance company processing stored-value or virtual currency transactions. All of the company's illegal gains were laundered overseas.”

The police are expanding the scope of their investigation. The legislative by-election in Taichung's District 2 will be held on the 9th and bets are reportedly being placed left and right. Police are trying to crack down on the betting. The police have arrested 229 people in 69 separate gambling-related cases since the referendums as they aim to sever the cash flow of betting operations.

Teng Hsueh-hsin, Deputy Commissioner, Taichung City Police: “We didn't find any evidence of election betting, but we cut off all channels that they could use.”

Police say there is no evidence at this time that the ring was engaged in election betting.









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