Tsai Continues Pressing for Hsinchu Merger 竹縣市合併案發酵 蔡總統籲黨內支持

President Tsai Ing-wen has announced her stance clear on the potential merger of Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County , saying the upgrade is urgent and urged party members to support the plan. Meanwhile, Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke questioned why Tsai is in such a hurry.

President Tsai Ing-wen attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a social housing project on Dec. 23. She prayed that the construction would go smoothly and promised that the central government would assist local governments in building social housing. The issue of merging Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County continues to gather steam. One day earlier, Tsai said during a Democratic Progressive Party Central Standing Committee meeting that an upgrade is urgent and urged committee members and legislators to support the plan. 

Tsai Ing-wen (Dec. 22, 2021), President / DPP Chairperson: “I believe there are many things that will need to be discussed together in the future regarding this issue. However, the point is that since we have already started the process of amending the law, we need to smoothly complete the amending of the law.”

Tsai also posted about this issue on Facebook. Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke responded to the post, saying Tsai is so eager for a merger that she is ignoring what the people of Hsinchu actually want. He went on to write that her methods are too crude.

Yang Wen-ke, Hsinchu County Magistrate: “There's supposed to be a top to bottom review, and then it needs to be approved by the Executive Yuan. I don't know why they're in such a rush this time to amend laws. They're completely disregarding public opinion.”

Yang listed six concerns. He asked why the Tsai administration is so eager to amend laws, as well as why the process for Hsinchu can't be the same as that used for other special municipalities. He also criticized the Tsai administration for treating Hsinchu city and county residents as second-class citizens, and asked for a response to his concerns.