Brothers Sweep Lions to Win Taiwan Series 中信兄弟5:0勝統一獅 4連勝摘第8座總冠軍

The Brothers earned the eighth trophy in team history of the Chinese Professional Baseball League's 32nd Taiwan Series championship. 

The CTBC Brothers defeated the Uni-President Lions 5 to 0 on Dec. 1 at Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium and were crowned the winners of the Chinese Professional Baseball League's 32nd Taiwan Series championship series. This was the eighth Taiwan Series win in team history. The Brothers went into the game with a 3-0 advantage over the Lions. Over 10,000 fans attended the decisive game. Starting pitcher Jose Valdez kept the Lions in check, while his teammates also performed well.

The Brothers scored their first point in the opening inning. In the top of the fourth, they scored two more points. They added two more in the top of the seventh to pad their lead. At the end, they even played their trump card, sending out pitcher Jose de Paula to close out the game and ensure a win. The Lions started pitcher Hu Chih-wei. He lasted six innings, giving up three points. He could only watch in frustration as the Brothers lifted the trophy.

First-year Brothers Manager Lin Wei-chu had beginner's luck, and said he was very happy but very tired. Team owner Jeffrey Koo was at the game and said he waited 20 years for this championship.

Lin Wei-chu, Manager, CTBC Brothers: “This season was especially long. I think it was exhausting for the players, because I'm pretty long-winded.”

The last time that the Brothers won the Taiwan Series was in 2010. In six of the last seven Taiwan Series, they finished as the runner-up. This year, they swept the Lions on the way to the trophy. The MVP was Chan Tzu-hsien. He said what he was feeling was indescribable.