US Congressional Delegation Calls on Tsai 美參眾議員拜會蔡總統 會談議題受矚

A visiting US congressional delegation met with President Tsai Ing-wen in the Presidential Building after they arrived at Taiwan on the 9th. Neither side wished to confirm the purpose of the visit.

A motorcade carrying members of a visiting US congressional delegation enters the Presidential Office via Ketagalan Boulevard, where President Tsai Ing-wen was waiting. The delegation is believed to include Republican senators John Cornyn, Tommy Tuberville, Mike Crapo, and Mike Lee, as well as Republican Representative Jake Ellzey. At the beginning of November, Cornyn and other lawmakers introduced a bill for the "Taiwan Deterrence Act." The bill would amend the Arms Export Control Act to facilitate arms sales to Taiwan and help Taiwan withstand military and diplomatic pressure from China. Neither Taiwan nor the US wished to comment on the purpose of this visit.

Joanne Ou, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson: “This is the result of bilateral negotiations between Taiwan and the US. As we respect the wishes of our visiting guests, we will offer a public explanation on related information at the opportune time.”

Ned Price, US Department of State Spokesperson: “I will refer you to that congressional delegation. As you know, delegations from our Congress often do travel overseas. But we'll leave it to them to characterize their trip.”

The delegation arrived at Songshan Airport on Nov. 9 aboard a US Navy C-40A transport plane. Vincent Chao, the former head of the political division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US, surmised the two sides might be discussing diplomacy, trade, and national security. Previously, due to the pandemic, numerous congressional visits were postponed. Now that the global situation is improving, many members of the US Congress have shown up in Taiwan.

Vincent Chao, Former Political Division Head, TECRO:  “Starting approximately last year, there were very many members of the US Congress who wanted to form delegations to visit Taiwan. The focus of the talks of course would include some Taiwan-US cooperation in the areas of trade, the regional situation, regional security, etc. However, now that the epidemic situation is improved, I think we'll continue to see more and more important members of Congress forming delegations to visit Taiwan.”

Meanwhile, China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said China firmly opposes any form of official exchanges and military relations between the US and Taiwan. She also said she hopes members of the US Congress will abide by the provisions of the one China principle and the Three Communiques. A failure to do so will destabilize the Taiwan Strait.




載著美國參眾議員訪問團的車隊,從凱達格蘭大道進入總統府拜會總統蔡英文,據了解成員可能包括美國共和黨籍的參議員John Cornyn、Tommy Tuberville、Mike Crapo、Mike Lee、美國眾議員Jake Ellzey,由於John Cornyn與多位參議員本月提出台灣嚇阻法案,其中包括修訂武器出口管制法,協助我國對抗中國大陸軍事與外交壓力,也讓此行來訪目的受到關注,不過兩國對此都很低調。