Legislature Confirms Six CEC Nominees 中選會人事同意權 綠營甲動6人全過

The legislature voted on Central Election Commission personnel nominees on Oct. 26. While the KMT caucus did not go to the vote to protest, the DPP used its majority to pass the six nominations.

Tsai Chi-chang, Legislative Vice President:"The resolution has passed. Lee Chin-yung received more than half of the votes of the members present."

The legislature voted on Central Election Commission personnel nominees on Oct. 26. The Democratic Progressive Party used its legislative majority to confirm all six of the nominees. Lee Chin-yung received 62 votes in favor, eight against, and one invalid vote and will continue as CEC chairperson. Chen Chao-chien received 66 votes in favor and five against, and will continue as CEC vice chairperson. Hsu Hui-fen and Chen En-min, who are incumbent commissioners, and Wang Yun-ju and Hsu Ya-fen, who are new nominees, all received 71 votes and were confirmed. For this vote, the Kuomintang did not endorse the nominees so it decided not to vote.

Yeh Yu-lan, Legislator (KMT):"Out of the group, there are some people who violate administrative neutrality and should have been excluded. Of course, the Democratic Progressive Party did not care. Therefore, this party has no comment on this list of names. Do what you want."

Meanwhile, the Taiwan People's Party criticized Lee and Chen for their lackluster efforts to implement referendums and absentee voting and cast votes against them. The New Power Party had doubts over Lee and his conservative views on lowering the required deposit threshold and allowing voting in prisons and military bases. It also voted against him.

Chiu Hsien-chih, Legislator (NPP):"Regarding the deposit threshold, many countries have either replaced thresholds with signatures or have a threshold that has been declared unconstitutional."

Tsai Pi-ru, Legislator (TPP):"The Central Election Commission's referendum budget for this year is NT$7.33 million. However, it has refused to give any information on the budget. It can, but it won't."

Liu Shyh-fang, Legislator (DPP):"Perhaps the opposition parties think that there will be some future progressive bills. Actually, the Central Election Commission very clearly told our Internal Administration Committee that it needs time to clarify some items."

The Executive Yuan issued a press release thanking the legislature for confirming all the nominees. The term of office for the six will be Nov. 4, 2021 to Nov. 3, 2025.



立法院副院長 蔡其昌:「決議,李進勇獲得出席委員,過半數之同意票。」


國民黨立委 葉毓蘭表示:「這裡面有一些人,是違反行政中立應該要被除名的,可是當然,民進黨是不會讓我們過的。因此,對這份名單, 本黨不予置評,你們自己玩吧!」


時代力量立委 邱顯智表示:「保證金門檻的部分,這其實在這個許多的國家,要嘛,他都已經基本上,沒有保證金的這個門檻,用連署來代替,要嘛,有這個門檻,但是被宣告違憲。」

民眾黨立委 蔡璧如表示:「中選會,今年的公投的預算,編了733萬,他不宣傳,他不是宣傳不力喔!他是不宣傳,編了預算,完全不宣傳。」

民進黨立院黨團幹事長 劉世芳表示:「在野黨,可能會認為說,未來有一些進步性的法案,那其實,中選會在我們的內政委員會,也表達得非常清楚,他需要有時間,去釐清幾個項目。」