Buddhist Services Held for Kaohsiung Fire Victims 城中城大火釀46死 今舉行頭七法會

The seventh day after death was marked on Oct. 20 for residents of Kaohsiung's Chengzhongcheng Building who perished during the fire, with the city government holding morning and afternoon Buddhist services. The remaining 27 people are hospitalized, including 11 in intensive care.

The seventh day after death was marked on Oct. 20 for residents of Kaohsiung's Chengzhongcheng Building who died during the Oct. 14 fire with solemn Buddhist services. The city government arranged for morning and afternoon services at Kaohsiung Municipal Funeral Parlor to pray for peace for the deceased. The fire claimed 46 lives, including three new immigrants. Relatives of one of the three have already arrived in Taiwan, while another's family entrusted her former husband to handle funeral arrangements.  

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung City Mayor:"One (of the deceased) was a spouse from China who had permanent residency. Her family members will arrive in Taiwan tomorrow, Oct. 21 after the Mainland Affairs Council and Straits Exchange Foundation made arrangements."

The Kaohsiung City Government will pay the funeral expenses of all the victims. Meanwhile, donations reached NT$150 million as of 9 a.m. on Oct. 20. 

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung City Mayor:"There were 6,651 donations, and the total amount is NT$151.68 million."

Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai said the city government will plan how to use the donations after all the funeral arrangements are made, and will include consolation payments, support to rebuild lives, and economic support. Forty-three people were hospitalized as a result of the fire, and 16 had been discharged as of Oct. 19. The remaining 27 are receiving treatment at eight hospitals across the city.

Hsu Chao-chun, Director, Dept. of Internal Medicine, KMU Hospital:"We conducted bronchoscopies to examine the airways and see if they had been damaged by the heat, whether the mucous membrane was inflamed, and determine if there were any foreign objects."

Voice of Pan Chao-ying, Senior Specialist, Dept. of Health, Kaohsiung City:"Some hospitals used bronchoscopes to wash the airways. This greatly helps patients in serious condition with breathing difficulties and at risk of developing pneumonia."

The majority of the victims were hospitalized for smoke inhalation, and some hospitals used bronchoscopes to wash the airways and improve bronchial carbon deposition. Meanwhile, the city government said its task force charged with determining the cause of the fire is still investigating and will need one to two more days before any conclusions can be drawn.





高雄市長 陳其邁表示:「(有一位死者)她是我們永久居留的陸配,那家屬在21號,也是明天,在陸委會跟海基會的協助,那也會順利的抵達台灣。」


高雄市長 陳其邁表示:「總共有6561筆的捐款,累計的金額是1億5千168萬元。」


高醫內科部部長 許超群表示:「(用支氣管鏡檢視)呼吸道,以及下呼吸道也就是氣管、支氣管,它有沒有受到熱傷害、黏膜的腫脹,有沒有一些異物的吸入。」

高市衛生局簡任技正 潘炤穎表示:「(有的醫院)用支氣管鏡,進行一些盥洗的工作。其實對於他們(患者)在急性期的,這邊的呼吸窘迫,還有接下來,可能要面對的肺炎的併發,都會有實質的幫助。」