Firefighters Rescue Family of Seven in Hualien 圓規外圍雲系發展旺盛 東部.恆春豪雨特報

The Central Weather Bureau has issued heavy and torrential rain warnings for many parts of Taiwan. As it has been pouring in Hualien for two days and caused a landslide, firefighters rescue a family of seven to safety.

Firefighters bring a family of seven to safety after their home was deluged by a landslide.  

Firefighter:"One person at a time. Can you change your shoes? There are stones down there."

The firefighters took the older members of the family somewhere safe and then returned for the rest of the family. As the mud was already knee-high by that time, the mission took half an hour.

Firefighter:"(Is everyone safe?) Yes. We were going to evacuate everyone to the township office, but he has a residence on the street so he's staying there for now."

It has been pouring in Hualien for two days, with Sioulin Township receiving over 700 millimeters of rain. Apart from widespread flooding, sections of local highways collapsed. Workers are trying to restore the roads.

Repair Worker:"The road collapsed. It's gone."

Pingtung's Taiwu Township, meanwhile, has gotten over 1,000 millimeters of rain in the last two days. The Central Weather Bureau says eastern Taiwan will be getting more rain in days ahead.

Hsieh Pei-yun, Weather Forecaster:"There is enough water vapor in the low-pressure belt on the eastern side of the typhoon, which will be brought to Taiwan by the northeast monsoon."

The bureau has issued torrential or heavy rain advisories for all mountainous areas north of Taichung, Hualien, Taitung, Kaohsiung, and the Hengchun Peninsula. Weather conditions should stabilize on the 15th. The first northeast monsoon of the season will arrive in Taiwan over the weekend. Temperatures in open areas in northern Taiwan could fall below 20 degrees Celsius.







消防隊員表示:「(目前人員都安全嗎?) 都安全。本來有計畫要撤到鎮公所中正堂,因為他本人街上有一個住家,所以就暫時在住家裡面。」




氣象預報員 謝佩芸表示:「颱風的東側這一整個大低壓帶裡,水氣都相當充沛,這些水氣,持續隨著低壓帶的東南風,來到台灣附近,提供我們源源不絕的水氣來源。」