Two department stores in Tienmu closed for disinfection 有確診者足跡  天母2百貨公司停業1天清消

Presenter: Numerous Taipei City department stores and cinemas took one day off for disinfection after visitors were confirmed with COVID-19. 

Takashimaya department store in Tienmu is closed for a day on Monday, Sept. 20 for thorough disinfection after a confirmed case visited during the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays.

Shopper: “ I'm not worried. I just make sure I wear a mask whenever I go out and protect myself properly. The coronavirus is here to stay for a long while.”

The nearby Sogo department store closed earlier at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept 19, and stayed closed on Monday, Sept. 20 for the same reason. Shoppers who wanted to do some Mid-Autumn shopping were a little disappointed when they found out.

Reporter vs Shopper:" I made a trip for nothing. (Are you surprised to find out). Yeah, I didn't know about the news at all.”

Shopper 2:” I'll try to stay home because of this. (The confirmed case) probably came the day before; I don't think it's that serious.”

Both department stores in Shilin District will reopen on the 21st. In Dazhi, Miramar Cinemas is also closed for a day on Monday the 20th because a movie-goer who has been later confirmed with COVID-19, had visited Saturday the 18th, the first day of the long weekend. Miramar shopping mall remains in normal operation.

Shopper 2: ” My family, the kids, the grandchildren, wanted to come out for a walk, so we just decided to come out. That's all.”

Ou Chia-ling, Senior Specialist, Dept. of Health, Taipei City:” It is true that a few who had visited those department stores and the cinema got tested positive. The Department of Health is currently investigating the travel and contact history of these confirmed cases. The department stores and the cinema are temporarily closed and undergoing disinfection.”

The Department of Health will announce further details to the travel and contact history of these confirmed cases after the investigation has been completed. 










北市衛生局專門委員 歐佳齡:「那個的確是有確診者足跡,不過衛生局目前正在做,相關的疫情調查工作,那一些場所目前也是都在,暫時停止營業清消中。」