AZ comes, Moderna still pending; Doctors suggest to allow BNT as 2nd Dose 莫德納遲未到  有醫師建議長者混打BNT

The incoming AstraZeneca vaccines become the major forces in the 8th around inoculation of more than 1.1 million citizens.

Presenter: The eighth round of vaccinations opened on the 15th, focusing on seniors who plan to recieve their second doses of AZ. Some medical experts also call on the government to approve vaccine mix-and-match for those aged over 60. 

The eighth round of vaccinations opened on the 15th, with shots available to seniors that got a first dose of AZ at least 10 weeks ago.

Citizen1:” (Did you have to wait a long time to get this dose? Yes. (A very long time?) Yes.”

Citizen2:”I feel more at ease. Yeah. You feel safer (with two doses).”

In addition, vaccines were available to people between 18 and 22 that registered before July 19. Although the government will start administering BNT vaccines soon, young people that are sick of waiting are choosing to get AZ.

Citizen3:”I wanted to make an appointment as soon as possible, and appointments for AZ opened sooner.”

Citizen4:” I go to school in Taiwan. (Did you want to get vaccinated before school started?) Yes.”

An estimated 1.13 million people will be vaccinated during the eighth round. BNT and Medigen vaccines will be administered in the ninth round. Meanwhile, the government is still unable to procure more Moderna vaccines. With 1.97 million people waiting for their second dose, one expert says the government should allow seniors in this group to get a second dose of BNT.

Huang Li-ming, Honorary Chair, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan:”A certain number of vaccines should be set aside for people between 60 and 80 first, and then the rest can be allocated to other age groups like 19 to 22 or whatever. Everyone has a chance of getting infected, but people between 60 and 80 are more likely to require hospitalization or suffer more severe symptoms. It is critical that they are protected before winter arrives.”

Experts say the government needs to do a better job of getting seniors and high-risk groups their second dose and make community screening available with Delta spreading in Taiwan.





民眾2:「有一點放心啦,會啦(打兩劑), 會放心一點。」





台灣感染症醫學會榮譽理事長 黃立民:「我們就應該留一些疫苗給60歲到80歲的人打,那其他的才給其他年齡層比如說青少年19到22歲,因為不管怎麼樣得病以後,還是60到80歲這群人最容易重症跟住院,這群人保護起來呢對今年冬天是非常重要。」


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