Premier Su Reassures Public for Sufficient Vaccines BNT施打放寬到20歲?  蘇揆要大家放心

The first batch of Pfizer-BNT vaccines is expected to arrive around Mid-autumn Festival. Premier Su Tseng-chang said the government is considering vaccinating " the younger generation". Meanwhile, Foxconn Chair Terry Gou is also actively attempting to secure 30 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for Taiwan in 2022. 

Thirteen COVID-19 cases were reported on the 29th, with some being students. School is about to start on September 1 and COVID-19 prevention is key. Premier Su Tseng-chang visited the Central Epidemic Control Control (CECC) and presided over a meeting on the strengthening of COVID-19 infection prevention and control. Premier Su ensured the public that Pfizer-BNT vaccines would be arriving in Taiwan very soon and he said he would not forget about young adults aged 18 to 20.

Su Tseng-chang, Premier:” Pfizer-BNT vaccines are finally on the way. Please be reassured that our young people can get vaccinated. Vaccines are in such high demand around the world and we've made our preorders, including Moderna booster shots. We are doing what we can ahead for COVID, and thanks to Terry Gou for his friendly reminders.”

Premier Su stressed that the government is planning ahead by making purchases for vaccines for next year and beyond. He said this in response to Foxconn Chairperson Terry Gou's Facebook post advising the government to be well-prepared. Gou also inquired BioNTech over the possibility of reserving 30 million doses for Taiwan in 2022 and so far the responses have been positive. The first batch of Pfizer-BNT should be arriving around Mid-autumn Festival with the rest coming in steadily until November. Eight to nine million doses are expected to arrive in all by the end of this year.

Kao Hung-an, Legislator (TPP):” If it is truly possible that Chairperson Gou can talk BNT into reserving 30 million Pfizer-BNT doses for Taiwan next year, I think the government should actively engage in conversation with him on how to actually make it happen.” 

According to CECC, nearly 3 million people applied online for the vaccine at the end of the day on the 29th. Premier Su expressed his gratitude towards the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co-affiliated YongLin Foundation, and Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation for their Pfizer-BNT vaccine donation. Premier Su did not make further comments on Gou's attempt to secure 30 million more doses for next year and only thanked him for his efforts and reminder.




行政院長 蘇貞昌:「現在疫苗也陸續將到貨,應該可以往更年輕的族群施打,請大家放心。各國都因為疫情的關係在搶疫苗,我們指揮中心也已經預購,次世代的莫德納疫苗等,只要對防疫有需要,我們都超前部署,也感謝郭董的善意提醒。」


民眾黨立委 高虹安:「如果現在郭董有確實爭取到有可能BNT原廠,願意釋出3千萬劑的額度,我想政府應該指揮中心應該要盡快的、積極的來跟郭董討論,如何把BNT疫苗留下來。」