Road Collapsed and Land Slided. Resident Worry Integrity of Wujie Dam. 仁愛鄉山崩路斷 居民憂心武界壩安全

M. Chuang
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A major landslide was reported in Fazhi Village in Nantou, cutting off an access road local residents rely on. Meanwhile, there are concerns over the integrity of Wujie Dam as a landslide took place nearby. 

Fazhi Village residents are on their way home when they find the road leading to their village has collapsed.

Local Resident: “Rocks are falling. It's dangerous. (It's falling down from above.) Yes, from above. Be careful. Be careful.”

Rocks fell suddenly but fortunately, the resident filming the video ran away quickly. Torrential rain began pouring down on Nantou's mountainous areas on Aug. 7, leading to the collapse of County Highway 83 around the 25K marker. Without the highway, residents of Wanfeng and Wujie have no way of leaving their village.

Local Resident:”It's been sealed off. (Sealed off.) (How far away is Wushe?) Really far.”

With the rain showing no signs of letting up and landslide debris covering road surfaces, roads are in danger of collapsing. The area is also close to Wujie Dam, leading to concerns about not only water quality but structural integrity. The county government says it will be difficult to reinforce the dam before the situation stabilizes.

Chen Hsi-wu, Director, Nantou County Public Works Office: ” (The collapsed area) is 150 meters long and 250 meters high. All the soil and debris ended up in the dam.” 
A major landslide and collapsed roads were also reported in Nantou's Dashi Village. Residents fear even worse landslides ahead if the rain doesn't stop.
Local Resident:”Utility poles were blown down.”

Local Resident:” There was only a small crack before and it was leaning just a little. It needs to be repaired.”

Residents say they heard a huge noise on Aug. 7 and found close to 100 meters of the local harbor access road gone the following day. Until the road is fixed, residents have to take a 1-hour detour to get in and out of the village. The township office says it is working on getting the road fixed.







南投縣工務處長 陳錫梧:「(崩塌處)長有150公尺,高有250公尺,土壤也都,跑到武界壩裡了。」