Tai Tzu-ying Breezes into Olympic Quarterfinals 戴資穎小組賽3連勝 分組第1闖進8強

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

Tai Tzu-ying became the third Taiwanese to advance to the quarterfinals of the women's badminton singles at Olympics after she defeated her French opponent comfortably in just 25 minutes. The world no.1 said she has set her sights on winning her first Olympic medal in Tokyo, with the next match scheduled to take place on July 30.

Badminton star Tai Tzu-ying is competing in her third Olympics. In her two previous appearances, she lost in the round of 16. At 8 a.m. Taiwan time on July 28, she faced off against world number 41 Qi Xuefei of France in her third match at the Olympics. Qi did not have a chance against Tai.

Match Broadcast:"There are now 10 game points. Wow, 21 to 10. Tai Tzu-ying effortlessly takes the first game."

Tai completely dominated the first game, making it 21 to 10. At the start of the second game, she made several mistakes, such as hitting returns out. She quickly regained her composure and went on the counteroffensive to regain the lead.

Match Broadcast:"Nice shot, nice shot, nice shot."

Tai won the second game 21 to 13. It took her just 25 minutes to dispatch Qi in straight games. Tai's father watched his daughter compete at home, alongside family and friends. Tai's 90-year-old grandmother scored her granddaughter 100 points for her performance.

Tai Tu Hsiu-lien, Tai Tzu-ying's Grandmother:"She really played well today. (100 points?) That's right."

Tai Nan-kai, Tai Tzu-ying's Father:"As long as she sleeps well, she won't have any problems."

Tai is seeded second. On July 24 and July 26, she defeated Switzerland's Sabrina Jaquet and Vietnam's Thuy Linh, respectively. Her win against Qi put her on top of her group, giving her direct access to the quarterfinals without having to play in the round of 16. This has already equaled the best performance of a Chinese Taipei women's singles badminton player at the Olympics.





球賽轉播:「現在出現了十個局點,哇 21:10,戴資穎很輕鬆地拿下了第一局。」




戴資穎奶奶 戴杜秀連表示:「今天她的表現,真的精神不錯。(100分喔?)對。」

戴資穎父親 戴楠凱表示:「她只要有睡得好,應該都沒有什麼問題。」