Eleven COVID-19 Cases Confirmed in Xinyi District, Taipei / 北市信義區分租套房家戶傳染 11人確診

M. Chuang
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Seven Taipei City residents are reported to have been infected by their roommates, which is a more unusual type of infection, as many Taipei City residents share an apartment with friends or sometimes total strangers due to high living costs. Meanwhile, a vendor has tested positive at the Yongli Market, which was shut down for three days of disinfection.

Yongli Market in Taipei's Xinyi District has been shut down for three days of disinfection after a vendor tested positive for COVID-19.

Market Worker:"The market is closed on Mondays. (Are you a little worried?) Not really. You just have to protect yourself."

The market has nine stalls with 16 vendors. Six households live over the market. Residents were given PCR tests on July 12. As Yongli is just one kilometer away from the Hulin Street and Yongchun markets, where there have also been outbreaks, residents are worried.

Fang Tsung-chieh, Dunhou Borough Chief:"We've been inundated with phone calls in the last two days. I tell residents not to panic and that PCR tests will be available to all of them, along with market workers. We will not allow Yongli Market to reopen until we get all the tests results back and make sure they are all negative."

A cluster infection traced to a residential building in Xinyi District has also been reported, with 11 cases so far. Taipei City believes seven out of 11 confirmed cases started at shared apartments with the residents going on to infect their family members.

Huang Ching-ying, The Deputy Spokesperson Taipei City:"Seven of the 11 cases in the cluster infection reported in Xinyi District last week were traced back to the shared apartment. The Taipei City Government is contact-tracing and quarantining affected individuals. There is no need to panic."

According to information released by the city government, Case No. 15,294 rode the MRT between Xihu Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and also stopped at Houshanpi and Yongchun stations on July 5, 6 and 7. Those whose travel routes may have overlapped with this person should monitor their health or make an appointment for a PCR test.





市場工作人員表示:「他們禮拜一都休市。(會有點擔心嗎?) 還好,自己做好保護就好了。」