Blue-and-White Slippers Fragment Causes Infection 拖鞋碎片刺入腳底 男子感染住院一週

Taiwan’s famous rubber blue-and-white slippers sell for NT$50 to NT$100 a pair. Some people consider them to be a symbol of grassroots culture. They were even mentioned in a recent article in an international medical journal.

The X-ray shows the right foot of a man, and the arrow is pointing at a foreign object. During surgery, a rubber fragment measuring 1 by 0.8 centimeters was extracted from the foot. The fragment came from a pair of Taiwan’s famous blue-and-white slippers, and had remained embedded in the man’s sole for two years. It might have remained there longer if he hadn’t sought medical treatment at Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital after experiencing pain in the sole of his foot while walking.

We need to be pay special attention to all aspects of wounds caused by foreign objects, and not only be concerned with whether they have healed on the surface.
Doctors arranged for an NMR, as they suspected the mass could be a tumor. In the end, they concluded it was a foreign object. The man recalled that two years ago, he stepped on a nail while wearing blue-and-white slippers. He pulled out the nail himself, applied medicine, and forgot about the incident. Doctors believed a fragment from the slippers remained in his body. He developed an infection two years later, which was quite unusual. The case was written up and submitted to the “International Journal of Internal Medicine.”
Their thickness is about the same as that of normal flip-flops, so you have to be careful when you’re walking along the road.
Sometimes it’s more convenient to wear them, like if you have to pop out to buy something. I walk more carefully when I wear slippers compared to canvas shoes.
Some residents say they sometimes wear slippers for the convenience, and they make sure to walk more carefully during these times. Doctors remind the public to not only pay attention to the appearance of a wound caused by a foreign object. Anything that remains inside the wound could trigger an infection when immunity is weak.
高雄榮總醫院骨科部主任 楊善為表示:「我們所有的異物穿刺傷,都必須要特別留意,不只是外觀的傷口是否復原良好。」