UBA to Set Foreign Player Clauses as a Focus 外籍球員成話題 UBA增設條款引發討論

C. Chuang
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The University Basketball Association finals are taking place this weekend. Shih Hsin University has become the first school without a physical education department to qualify for both the men and women's finals.

Shih Hsin University's cheerleading squad is a 12-time winner of the National Intercollegiate Cup. The cheerleaders are currently preparing to cheer on the school's men and women's basketball teams in the University Basketball Association finals this weekend. The men's team features Nigerian player Eboka Ifeanyi, who has only been in Taiwan for three months.

Our main aim is to win the championship, not just the final four only. The championship.
In addition to Ifeanyi, there are also two additional Nigerian players on the team, as well as Mohammad Al Bachir Gadiaga, who moved to Taiwan from Senegal at the age of eight with his parents and has already obtained a national identity card. They are one of the reasons why the team has performed so well this year.
Talking with them is like talking with someone from your own country. There's not too much of a difference, and I'm still familiarizing them with concepts.
The school finished sixth last year, and made the final four this year. The coach says the foreign players have played a crucial role this season, although he tries to maintain a certain ratio between foreign and local players on the court.
In principle, I aim to have two foreign players and three local players on the court at once, to maintain this ratio.
This can also turn into a healthy competition, because we will be pushed aside by them if we don't work hard.
An influx of foreign players has made the UBA more exciting, but has also prompted discussions on whether the UBA should have foreign player clauses. Coaches and players say this situation is a good opportunity to learn.
世新大學男籃隊奈及利亞外籍生 伊波卡表示:「我們唯一的目標,就是拿下冠軍,不是僅止於四強,而是總冠軍。」
世新大學男籃隊塞內加爾裔學生 阿巴西表示:「跟他們溝通,就跟本土的溝通,幾乎都差不多,沒有差太多,就只是觀念還在磨合。」
世新大學籃球隊總教練 何正峰表示:「原則上,還是希望有2個老外、3個本土。盡量就是說,讓外籍在場上,這樣的一個分配上面來講,可以跟本土還是可以保持,這樣一個比例。」
世新大學男籃隊後衛 陳建銘表示:「這也可以變成一種良性競爭,條件已經比別人差了,我們又不繼續努力的話,我們就會被他們比下去。」