Suspect Escaped in Hsinchu Arrested After 23-Hour Run 通緝犯戒護送醫脫逃 23小時後落網

A wanted man surnamed Chi has escaped from the police custody while receiving a checkup in the hospital. Hsinchu police conducted a sweep after the embarrassing incident, only to find an abandoned car. The man was arrested in Keelung the next day, along with three other accomplices. The only female accomplice, who is believed to be Chi's girl friend is still on the run. 

The man in white captured on the surveillance camera is a wanted suspect surnamed Chi, who was taken to the Ton Yen General hospital in Hsinchu after complaining that he had a heart disease. Although two police officers were deployed to watch over the suspect, his friends who had been waiting there subdued one of them, allowing Chi to get on a red sedan and escaped.
There was a red sedan parked in front of the police car while we waited for the suspect. Suddenly, a man who was suspected to be Chi's friend jumped on the police officer and pinned the officer on the car door to allow the suspect to jump on the red sedan and escaped.
Hsinchu police conducted a sweep after the embarrassing incident, only to find the abandoned red sedan. The car is believed to be used by Chi's girlfriend surnamed Chen, who had followed the police to the hospital. Chi then pretended to have a conversation with his girlfriend while another male friend pinned down the police officer. There were two other white cars waiting at the front and back of the hospital. A total of three females and one male accomplices are still on the run. The suspect was only wearing shackles but his handcuffs were removed as he was receiving an injection. However, he was allowed to use a cellphone during the medical treatment, which is seen as a loophole in the whole process.
If that's the case, then it is not in accordance with our standard protocol. We will do an internal review on this issue and carry out punishments if necessary to prevent the same thing from happening again.
Chi was sentenced to jail for possession of firearms and arson, but has failed to serve his jail time twice and is wanted by the police. The Hsinchu police has deployed hundreds of police to pursue and capture him. 
新竹縣竹北分局分局長 王立德表示:「在急診室門口,等待上警車時,前方停放一輛紅色自小客車,戒護員警突遭在旁,看似籍嫌之男性友人,用手臂以強抱脅迫的方式,將員警架在旁邊車門上,致使無法抗拒,籍嫌趁機跳上該紅色的車輛逃逸。」
新竹縣竹北分局分局長 王立德表示:「那如果這樣的話,可能就跟我們作業規範,事實上,是有不符的,那我們會做內部檢討,必要我們就做懲處,避免再發生。」
籍姓嫌犯先前曾因擁槍和縱火遭到判刑 ,兩次都沒有服刑遭到通緝,新竹警方出動百名警力全力追捕。