Deputy Chief of Staff Visits Pratas Islands|副參謀總長抵東沙勞軍 學者:證實運補無虞

Last week, a Uni Air chartered flight flew to the Pratas Islands and was turned away from the flight information region by Hong Kong. The flight was forced to return to Taiwan. Shortly after the incident, The Deputy Chief of General Staff then took a military transport aircraft to the Pratas Islands. One scholar said that by doing this, the military is showing its determination to declare sovereignty over the Islands.

Last week, a Pratas Islands-bound Uni Air chartered flight was forced to turn around when it was barred from entering Hong Kong's flight information region on the grounds of "dangerous activities taking place at below 26,000 feet." On Oct. 20, Deputy Chief of Staff Li Ting-sheng flew to the Pratas Islands on a military aircraft to visit military personnel stationed there. One export, Su Tzu-yun, says the ROC military is demonstrating its sovereignty over the Pratas Islands.

The military will not show weakness in the face of provocation, and we have the ability to transport more resources. Military aircraft can traverse difficult air spaces or terrain. Normally, we can still work with civil flights.

Li promised the soldiers they would be taken care of and reiterated the importance of communication and coordination in joint combat. The trip marked a rare public appearance for the 99th Marine Brigade and shed light on its relocation training program on the Pratas Islands. According to Su, the allocation of Javelin anti-tank missiles and Kestrel rocket launchers to the brigade shows Taiwan has the ability to keep PRC landing boats at bay.

The water is shallower around the atoll, so only smaller vessels and rafts can land. The anti-tank missiles and rocket launchers can therefore be very effective in preventing (enemy forces from landing).

Any continued obstruction shows they may be looking for any opportunity to take the Pratas Islands.

The chartered Uni Air flight will give the trip another go on the 22nd. Observers say China may have issues with Li's trip and the ROC military will have to raise its alert level if the second flight is turned back by locking down islands or even ordering an "island capture" operation.


國防安全研究院國防戰略暨產業研究所所長 蘇紫雲表示:「國軍不示弱,那不挑釁。而且我們能力可以運補,持續運補,軍機它可以穿越更多困難的空域跟地形。但是在一般時期,我們還是可以藉由民航機的合作。」


國防安全研究院國防戰略暨產業研究所所長 蘇紫雲表示:「以東沙環礁的地理條件來看,它是水比較淺,所以傳統的登陸載具,只有小型舟艇跟氣墊船可以上陸。那這反戰車飛彈跟紅隼火箭,就可以發揮很好效果。」

資深國防諮詢委員 宋兆文表示:「不斷的阻擋,那就代表,他們有可能真的要找機會,拿下這個東沙島。」