Soldier Killed in Little Kinmen Tank Accident|戰車翻覆1死1傷 總統:從優撫卹.查明原因

One soldier was killed in the latest military fatal mishap, where a tank overturned and was consumed in flames in Little Kinmen. President Tsai Ing-wen has ordered to investigate how the accident happened.

A tank accident in Lieyu or Little Kinmen killed one and injured one on the 8th. The lead officer in charge, Sergeant Lin Kai-chiang, was pronounced dead at the hospital while the driver, Corporal Liu Yu-hung, sustained a minor arm injury. On the 9th, President Tsai Ing-wen said she hopes Liu's family can mourn him.

(I have ordered the Ministry of National Defense) to give preferential treatment to our brother who died in the line of duty. With regards to this accident, we are also asking the ministry to investigate fully.

Tsai also responded to media questions about whether the government had plans to replace M41A3 tanks, which have already been in service for over six decades. Tsai said she is already planning to buy newer tanks.

Lin's family flew to Kinmen to handle his funeral arrangements. According to military data, Lin was 27 years old and part of the 2017 reserve sergeant class. His military service would have been up next April.

Taiwan's military has been increasingly accident-prone in recent years with frequent fatal accidents ranging from tanks stalling and colliding with other tanks to exploding barrel bores to running over hummers. The worst one in recent memory took place in August 2016 during the Han Kuang exercise, when an Army CM-11 tank rolled into a river, killing all four aboard. The most recent accident is believed to have been caused by over-acceleration while driving down a slope. The Ministry of National Defense says it has formed a task force to investigate.


總統 蔡英文表示:「(請國防部)務必一定要從優撫卹,我們殉職的弟兄。對於這一件意外的翻覆事件,我們也請國防部務必要查明原因。」




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