Lawmakers Blast Tsai for Lifting US Pork/Beef Ban|蘇揆立院報告美豬牛案 藍委扛道具豬抗議

M. Chuang
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Controversy of American beef and pork took the center stage at the Legislative Yuan on the first day of the new session. Opposition lawmakers protested during Premier Su Tseng-chang's special report and called on the government to reopen negotiations with the United States.

Premier Su Tseng-chang briefed lawmakers on the Tsai administration's lifting of the import ban on U.S. pork and beef containing leanness-enhancing agent Ractopamine on the 18th as opposition lawmakers protested the decision. The Kuomintang caucus called for President Tsai Ing-wen to address the topic at the legislature.

Su told lawmakers Tsai had to lift the ban to improve bilateral trade relations and said it was overall a strategic move to benefit Taiwan's economy.

(Lifting the ban on American pork) was a major decision. It was a difficult decision. It was a courageous decision. This issue stalled (bilateral) trade talks and deeper cooperation. Therefore, we always hoped to be able to take this brave step forward.

New Power Party and Taiwan People's Party lawmakers blasted the Ministry of Health and Welfare for its conspicuous absence at every public hearing that has been held so far, saying this shows ministry officials are unwilling to face the public. The TPP in particular said it would send representatives to rural areas to hear what people have to say.

Opposition parties hope you can shoulder the burden of restarting talks with (U.S.) Department of State Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach. We welcome normalized, equal and dignified talks with the U.S.

Minister Chen Shih-chung has promised gradual inspections and 100 percent border inspections. What is the capacity of inspections, and what does "gradual" mean in this context?
In the face of opposition from all sides, Su guaranteed the government would ensure food safety and said manufacturers that lie on labels about the place of origin of the meat in their products will face fines of NT$3-4 million.



行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「(開放美豬)這是一個重大的決定,這是一個困難的決定,這是一個勇敢的決定。(台美)經貿談判,卻因為美豬美牛議題,成為彼此深化合作的障礙,因此,我們一直希望,勇敢跨出這一步。」


民眾黨立法院黨團總召 賴香伶表示:「在野黨,會希望你們挺起肩膀,挺起腰桿,去跟今天來到台灣的(美國)次卿好好說,我們歡迎跟美國之間,進行正常地、對等地、有尊嚴地談判。」

時代力量立委 王婉諭表示:「陳時中部長也有答應說,會逐步檢查,做到百分之百的邊境檢驗。檢驗的能量在哪裡?又如何做逐步檢驗?」