KMT Pushes Referendum Binding with General Election|高市長補選敗後 江啟臣推"公投綁大選"

KMT's Chair Johnny Chiang made his first public appearance after the defeat of the Kaohsiung City Mayoral by-election. He signed the first petition to call for a referendum that would allow referendums to be held concurrently with elections. Many are wondering what his next step to lead the party out of the slump would do. While he didn't comment on the quick fade of the so-called "Han wave, only stressing he would continue to seek support for the party. Meanwhile, the party is also doing everything it can to get rid of the impression that it serves as China's proxy in Taiwan.

Let the people be the master! Give me back the referendums.

Shouting out slogans, Kuomintang (KMT) is promoting a referendum that will allow referendums to be held concurrently with elections. KMT's Chair Johnny Chiang signed the first petition, symbolizing the start of the campaign in the hope of having it passed by August 2021.

When the third reading was passed on December 12, President Tsai Ing-wen said it was a historical moment, in which the power was given back to the people. However, the power was given back to the people for only one year and a half, then it was the DPP who became in charge.

It is Chiang's first public appearance after the Kaohsiung City mayoral by-election. The defeats of two elections in Kaohsiung have devastated his party, making the promotion of morale his top priority. His first step to lead the party out of the slump is to call for a referendum.

It's ok to fall. We just need to adjust ourselves and stand on our feet again. We will continue to fight because we are the opposition party. At this moment, the KMT will not allow others to stick in a pin wherever there's room.

Chiang did not comment specifically when asked about the quick fade of the "Han wave," only stressing that he will seek more support for the KMT. KMT plans to unveil its new directions at the party's congress scheduled to be held on September 6. Party's Deputy Secretary-General Lee Yen-hsiu said in a radio interview that the party will put an end to the impression of KMT as China's proxy in Taiwan.

We need to stipulate a standard guideline for the members of the party when they engage in exchanges in China. (You are saying the KMT is adjusting the impression of a political intermediary?) We are putting an end to it. (Members of the Standing Committee are worth a lot in China). That's why we are adjusting the structure of the Standing Committee. I can't say we are changing 100 percent, but we are hoping to achieve certain goals by stipulating these guidelines.

While the KMT continues its call for reform, the party is walking on a tight rope with regards to the future of cross-straits relations. In response to that, Lee said there is no 1992 consensus without the Constitution of the Republic of China.
國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「在當時12月12號三讀通過時,蔡英文總統說,打破鳥籠,還權於民,這是人民做主的歷史時刻。結果你只讓人民做主一年半的歷史,之後就變成民進黨做主。」
國民黨主席 江啟臣表示:「跌倒了,沒有關係,爬起來,重新調整腳步,繼續戰鬥。因為我們是在野黨,國民黨在此時此刻,是不會讓人家見縫插針。」
國民黨副秘書長 李彥秀表示:「黨工職赴大陸交流的,相關的規範準則,我們要把它訂出來。(是嗎?你們就是要調整買辦印象?) 杜絕買辦印象。(你們中常委很值錢,在中國!) 所以我們現在,要讓中常委的結構,做一些調整。我沒有辦法,說百分之百,但是我們希望,透過規範做一些要求。」