Ex-President Chen Shui-bian Pays Respect to Lee Teng-hui|扁追思李登輝 留言"台灣民主之父精神長存"

Many political figures attended the mourning ceremony for the late President Lee Teng-hui. Former President Chen Shui-bian hailed writes on a banner that Lee is the father of Taiwan's democracy whereas Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said Lee's biggest contribution was to transition Taiwan into a democracy through a quiet revolution.

Using a crutch, former President Chen Shui-bian hobbles his way through the mourning ceremony of late President Lee Teng-hui. Chen had a father-son like relationship with Lee and he got up at five in the morning to the Taipei Guest House to pay respect. Chen said that despite coming from a different party than Lee, he shares Lee's goal to push for democracy. Chen later on wrote on a banner that Lee's spirit leaves on as the father of Taiwan's democracy.

We were competitors and we went at each other. However, we also collaborated and agreed on lots of issues. Lee's unfortunate passing kept me up the whole night.

Taipei Mayor and head of Taiwan People's Party Ko Wen-je, who recently survived a party crisis, also paid respect to Lee at his party members' convention. He said it's necessary to start a second wave of quiet revolution. He visited the Taipei Guest House on Monday morning and said that Lee was a person with wisdom and courage and that his biggest contribution was to push Taiwan's democracy through a quiet revolution.

In the Gwangju Incident in South Korea, student threw gas bombs in their protests. There were student protests in Taiwan and other actions, but the cost to society was the lowest compared to other movements. That's why it's called a quiet revolution.

Ko's recent Facebook photo in which he shared the frame with Lee while he was hospitalized and looked ill drew some criticism from netizens, some of whom called him out for lack of respect. Ko responded by saying that he could get criticized for doing anything and that his conscience is okay with it. Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and the head of AIT Brent Christensen also attended the mourning ceremony.

President Lee was a great hero of Taiwan's democratic transformation. We honor his legacy by continuing to strengthen the U.S.-Taiwan relationship based on our shared democratic values.

Joseph Wu said Lee helped change Taiwan's diplomacy and earned Taiwan some friends on the global stage. Former Vice-President Vincent Siew, former President of the Legislative Yuan Wang Jin-pyng and Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-yung also attended the ceremony.


前總統 陳水扁表示:「我們有過競爭、矛盾,但是我們有更多的契合,跟共識。李前總統的不幸過世,讓我徹夜難眠。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「韓國,你知道光州事件,還有學生示威遊行,是丟汽油彈的。台灣雖然還是有示威,還是有一些事情,但是相對來講,台灣的民主轉型,是成本最低的,所以人家說,他是一個寧靜革命。」


美國在台協會處長 酈英傑表示:「李登輝,是台灣民主的英雄,很榮幸,看到台灣與美國之間的關係,持續深化。」