Golden Melody Awards Nominations Announced|金曲獎公布名單 原住民歌手阿爆8項入圍

The list of nominees for this year's Golden Melody Awards was announced. Let's take a look.

Indigenous singer Abao's fusion of traditional Paiwan songs and electronic music has reinvented what people think about indigenous, electronic, and dance music. Her album "Kinakaian" received eight Golden Melody Awards nominations on July 15, the highest of any artist.

It's an excellent work, an album with an extremely expansive listening range. Even if you don't completely understand the language or the stories that are being expressed, you will still be moved by this music. That's why it got a very high score on every production aspect.

Other artists receiving multiple nominations included Waa Wei, Peggy Hsu, and G.E.M. In the "Best Male Mandarin Singer" category, the six nominees included Wakin Chau, Ayal Komod, and Wu Tsing-fong. In the "Best Female Mandarin Singer" category, the six nominees included Joanna Wang, Fish Leong, and G.E.M.
The competition has always been very fierce in the "Best Female Mandarin Singer" category, so you can see we increased the quota for unrecognized talents this year, and there really are quite a few unrecognized talents. This year's Taiwanese- and Hakka-language works were also brilliant, so the number of nominations they received was nearly the same as Mandarin-language works in the technical categories.

The number of submissions for the Golden Melody Awards in recent years has been very high. This year, 231 record companies submitted 1,346 albums and EPs, and the total number of works was 19,461.

The recipient of this year's "Lifetime Contribution Award" was Taiwanese musician Rich Huang, who is known as the "king of the drums." The nominees for the Golden Melody Awards are usually announced in April, with the awards ceremony held in June. This year, both were delayed due to COVID-19, and the venue for the ceremony, which will take place on Oct. 3, was changed from Taipei Arena to Taipei Pop Music Center.

排灣族古謠和電音的相遇,突破一般民眾對於原民音樂,或電音舞曲的想像,迸發出全新的聽覺感受。歌手阿爆的專輯作品 - 母親的舌頭,在第31屆金曲獎當中,入圍八項獎、成為本屆入圍大贏家。

第31屆金曲獎評審團主席 陳鎮川表示:「非常厲害的製作,讓它變成是,一個聆聽廣度非常廣的專輯,就是…即使你完全不懂這些語言,在表達的故事是什麼,你一樣會被這個音樂打動。所以它在各個技術項目上面,都會得到很高的分數。」


第31屆金曲獎評審團主席 陳鎮川表示:「國語女歌手,永遠都競爭非常激烈,所以今年的遺珠。你看我們也…我們也增加了入圍的額度,心目中真的還有一串(遺珠),今年的客語跟台語,實在太精彩,所以它們在今年所有的入圍,技術的入圍名單裡面,都跟國語,幾乎在平行位置、一較長短。」

文化部影視及流行音樂產業局長 徐宜君表示:「這幾年,金曲獎的報名量,真的都非常大,這次總共有231家公司,然後有1346張專輯跟EP,總共19461件作品(報名)。」


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