Man Sentenced to Six Months for Electricity Theft|電背景嫌犯涉變造電表竊電 遭警查獲

In Yunlin, a man surnamed Lee with plumbing background used his knowledge to change electricity meter readings. A Taiwan Power employee discovered what he was doing and reported him to the police. They found modification equipment during a search and Lee was sentenced to six months in prison. Taipower is also seeking NT$750,000 in repayment. Taipower says if you want to keep your electricity bill down, use normal channels to reduce your electricity consumption. Illegal methods will be fined at 1.6 times the going rate.

Taiwan Power personnel and police search the headquarters of an electricity theft ring and find professional modification tools. The chief suspect, a plumber surnamed Lee, used the equipment to alter meters to underreport electricity usage.

We don't need to say what this is used for. It's very obvious what this tool is for. It's for removing the seal. Where did police find this? This is used to remove the seal. It was in here.

A Taipower inspector uncovered the theft after finding a tampered meter seal. He reported the case to the police, which used CCTV footage to identify Lee. Lee was charged with modifying three electricity meters and sentenced to six months.

We found three meters that had been tampered with, and [Taipower] is seeking repayment of NT$750,000. We urge everyone not to fall prey to these kinds of criminals. If you want to save on your electricity bill, use less electricity.

Taipower says those that want to save on electricity need to use normal channels like buying power-saving appliances. Those that use illegal methods will be charged at 1.6 times the normal rate.




台電雲林區營業處副處長 呂宜芸表示:「這案子總共最後破獲有3處,總共追查電費75萬多元。我們也是呼籲民眾,不要誤觸法網,相信不肖業者節電、省電錯誤的方式。」