Pan-blue Blasts KHH Acting Mayor over Personnel Choices|高市府新人事 藍營疑安插菊系人馬輔選

Kaohsiung City Acting Mayor Yang Ming-chou announced nine new city appointees on the 14th and was criticized for having bias.

You can see the fingerprints of Chen Chu's faction all over the place. Are we looking at an administrative team here, or an election team?

Pan-blue Kaohsiung city councilors blasted Acting Mayor Yang Ming-chou's new political appointments, saying he filled the spots with Chen Chu's people to give Chen Chi-mai an advantage in the upcoming by-election.

Acting Deputy Mayor Wang Shih-fang has never even headed a bureau or department. The highest position she has ever held is deputy director of the Bureau of Legal Affairs. And then you have Luo Bang-ji at the Civil Affairs Bureau. He has been investigated by the city multiple times.
Yang has reinstated 8 a.m. city government meetings. On the 15th, he responded to the criticism over his personnel decisions.

All of the 28 acting department heads are civil servants. They are not "Mayor Han's people" or "Mayor Chen Chu's people."

Yang says all the hires were internal and he had to personally beg and plead for them to accept the jobs because department heads have to attend city council interpellations and that is very stressful. Pan-green city councilors also say their pan-blue colleagues are overthinking.

This is for personnel stability and city administration cohesion. I don't think you need to put a political spin on it.

The newly formed Kaohsiung City Government is under a magnifying glass although new officials have been on board for just two months. Right now, the upcoming by-election is a critical point and both camps are taking it seriously.

國民黨高雄市議員 陳麗娜表示:「這樣可以看到菊系的影子,組織起來之後,到底是一個執政的團隊,還是一個選舉用的團隊?」


國民黨高雄市議員 陳麗娜表示:「代理副市長王世芳,他沒有做過任何一個局處首長,他只最多當過法治局副局長。然後民政局的駱邦吉,他之前有很多的案子,被市調調查過。」


高雄市代理市長 楊明州表示:「28個代理的局處長,全部都是文官,沒有所謂韓市長的人馬,沒有所謂陳菊市長的人馬。」


民進黨高雄市議員 陳致中表示:「這個是為了人事的安定,以及市政工作的銜接,我覺得不需要去做政治聯想。」


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