Kaohsiung Prosecutors Crack Test Fraud Ring|破最大宗國營事業代考集團 獲利逾5千萬

A testing fraud ring has been cracked by prosecutors. The ringleader is a CPC employee, who saw opportunities as there are tens of thousands of people taking the test every year, in the hope to enter state-owned enterprises. That's why he hired university students as fake test-takers and helped 12 people pass the test. They took in a staggering NT$54 million.

The Agency Against Corruption collects evidence, including photos and fake IDs, from the home of the primary suspect in a testing fraud case. Investigators say the fraud ring took entrance exams on behalf of clients trying to get jobs at state-owned enterprises.

Before the first test, the ring would collect NT$100,000 to NT$450,000 from the client or their family members. Once they pass the exam, the ring would collect another NT$400,000 to NT$1.5 million (from the client).

According to prosecutors, the primary suspect works at CPC Corp. and saw money to be made from the 10,000-plus exam applicants every year. He therefore recruited a group of test takers that in total took 29 exams. The clients paid NT$53.58 million for their services.

I guess it didn't occur to him there was a possibility he wouldn't make it past training.

Authorities say three passed the exam at CPC, two each passed exams at China Steel, Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor, and Chunghwa Telecom, and one passed the entrance exam at Taiwan Police College. It's unknown whether the applicants will keep their jobs.

If the indictment papers confirm that these employees admitted to these facts, the company should be able to terminate their contracts.

China Steel says it will terminate the two employees in question and may file a claim for paid wages.


高雄地檢署主任檢察官 曾靖雅表示:「國營事業考試,第一次筆試前,分別出面,向各考生或其家屬,收取10萬元至45萬元。於錄取後,另行交付尾款,40萬元至150萬不等。」




中油副總 方振仁表示:「如果說在起訴書上,已經確認這些人員,已經承認這些事實的話,那麼應該可以依公司規定,解除勞動契約。」


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