Hemophiliac Youth and Mother Released from Quarantine|隔離14天期滿 血友病少年母子今早出關

On Feb. 24, a hemophiliac youth and his mother returned to Taiwan via a charter flight from China. Both were tested for COVID-19 upon their arrival, and the results were negative. They were then sent to the North Coronavirus Quarantine Center to undergo a 14-day quarantine. The quarantine ended on March 10, and both were released.

Huang Tsun-cheng, commander of the North Coronavirus Quarantine Center and deputy superintendent of Taipei City Hospital, holds a letter written by a hemophiliac youth and his mother. There are two hearts drawn at the top that represent the gratitude of the pair towards Taiwan's frontline disease prevention personnel during the time they spent in quarantine.

She said she could finally leave today, and she was extremely grateful to all those who had helped them during this time. She thanked all of the health and welfare personnel for their considerate care and all the frontline personnel and medical personnel led by Minister Chen. She thanked them for their hard work.

The youth and his mother had been stranded in Hubei Province due to COVID-19. After he ran out of the medication needed for his condition, Taiwanese businesspersons stepped in to deliver the medication, bringing attention to his situation. On Feb. 24, the youth and his mother were passengers on the second chartered flight from China. They were tested upon their arrival in Taiwan, and the results were negative. They then underwent a 14-day quarantine at the North Coronavirus Quarantine Center. Huang shared something that left a deep impression on him.

Over there in Hubei, the mother practiced giving injections with her child because they had no access to medical resources. She does not have a medical background, and she said she started off practicing on herself, sticking it in herself.

The quarantine ended on March 10, and the mother and son kept a low profile as they were picked up by relatives at 8 a.m. and returned to Kaohsiung. Medical personnel gave them a parting gift of apples to wish them well.


北區檢疫所指揮官 黃遵誠表示:「她說,今天終於可以出關了,非常感謝這一路來,所有幫助我們的貴人們,感謝所有衛福人員,貼心的照顧,感謝陳部長,帶領所有站在第一線的工作人員,和醫護人員。謝謝,你們辛苦了。」


北區檢疫所指揮官 黃遵誠表示:「在那邊(湖北),沒有醫護資源的時候,媽媽都練習會跟小朋友打針,媽媽完全不是這個醫護的背景,她說她在練習這些,自己開始,先從自己扎起。」