Factory with COVID-19 Case Temporarily Shut Down|國內確診第23例 白牌司機妹任職工廠停工

M. Chuang
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The Central Epidemic Command Center has announced the 23rd COVID-19 case in Taiwan is the 19th case, an unlicensed private hire vehicle driver's sister as well as the 22nd case's mother-in-law. The center believes the two were infected by this driver while sharing a meal. The center also announced the 23rd case works at a factory and four factory workers have been tested. One person tested negative and the other three are still waiting for their test results. The company has already closed down the factory.

The factory where Taiwan's 23rd COVID-19 patient works has been shut down for the time being, but employees of nearby factories still have to go to work as usual. Most of them are wearing masks and admit they are worried.

I only found out today. We only found out because there are no vehicles. (Are you nervous?) (points to mask) I'm wearing gloves.

The latest case confirmed in Taiwan is the 60-year-old younger sister of the unlicensed private hire driver that was Taiwan's first COVID-19 casualty. The man was the 19th case in Taiwan, while his sister is the 23rd. The Central Epidemic Command Center believes she and three other family members were infected during a family meal.

If infection is confirmed, we will follow CDC procedures. (Did you know the factory has suspended operations?) (The company made that decision) on its own.

The local health bureau where the factory is located is working with environmental authorities to disinfect the area around the factory. Area residents say they saw three groups of workers around the factory on the 21st but remain concerned the workers aren't being thorough enough.

They're only disinfecting the ground and aboveground areas. What about underground (drainage pipes)? They need to think airborne (transmission).

The residents are particularly worried about drainage pipes. The command center says four factory workers have been tested so far. One tested negative, while the other three are still awaiting their test results.




該縣市衛生局疾管科長表示:「如果是確診個案,我們就按照CDC的疫調,這部分去做處理。(工廠部分停工,有掌握嗎?) 那都是它(業者方面)自己說(決定)的。」