Han Remained Silent to FB Posted Picture |臉書貼特勤人員合照惹議 韓低調不回應

Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu resumed his duties as mayor after the presidential election is over. Han, together with artist Chen chen, who is acting as the Charity Ambassador, visited elderly residents living alone this morning. When asked about the recent picture posted on his Facebook page thanking the special agents, Han refused to address the issue.

(Mayor, did you thank the people at the National Security Bureau?) (Keep going) thank you. (Mayor, will you prosecute Ku Ling?)

Some people from the crowd saw their chance to get his autograph, and Han obliged every time. He remained silent when asked about writer Ku Ling's statement on the impeachment. However, the Kaohsiung City Government did issue a statement stressing that Kaohsiung only had an NT$1.4 billion deficit last year compared to the proposed NT$6.5 billion and asked Ku Ling to apologize publicly or face prosecution.

高雄市長 韓國瑜 vs. 記者:「(市長昨天有感謝國安局的人員嗎?)(加油!加油!)謝謝,謝謝。(市長會告苦苓嗎?)」